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U.S. Supreme Court

"U.S. Supreme Cover Up" is the story and evidence (with photos) of how tablets in the architecture of the U.S. Supreme Court were identified as the Ten Commandments for decades on tours inside the building but then changed and identified as the ten amendments (of the Bill of Rights) over the past decade. With twists and turns that read like a spy novel, you won't believe the basis upon which someone in the hierarchy of government made these radical tour changes. In an era in which Ten Commandment displays are politically incorrect, you will definitely ask yourself as you read this research, is this the result of a government conspiracy or supreme cover up?

NEWS FLASH! Chaplain Todd has been in correspondence with Mrs. Kathleen L. Arberg, the Public Information Officer for the Supreme Court of the United States:

  • To read an excerpt of Kathleen Arberg's response letter to Chaplain Todd, including evidence from the original construction files of the U.S. Supreme Court building supporting the "Ten Commandments" displays, click HERE.

  • To read the national news report that exposed this U.S. Supreme Court cover-up of its Judeo-Christian heritage,click HERE.

  • To TAKE ACTION and voice your opinion concerning the U.S. Supreme Court's religious revisions, you can email or call executive personnel by clicking HERE.

    Most of all, learn the evidence about the 64 displays of the Ten Commandments in and on the U.S. Supreme Court building. Then ask the guides about them the next time you or someone you know is touring the facility. And, if you don't like what you hear, write the Public Information Officer and the U.S. Supreme Court Justices and voice your opinion. Remember, as an American citizen and taxpayer, they work for you!

    Begin reading Chaplain Todd and his tour group's exciting story, as well as his exhaustive research (with photos) of the 64 times the Ten Commandments appear on the U.S. Supreme Court building...

    I'm not a conspirator. I must admit, however, that my recent research on the U.S. Supreme Court is making me think that cover up might be more than make up.

    I'm now the chaplain for the Chuck Norris enterprises. But, when I discovered what I am about to tell you, I was a small-town mountain pastor in rural Northern California, who was in 2006 given a Christian legacy tour of the Washington, D.C. area. What I discovered was that America's founding settlements were passing down a legacy that was anything but Christian, particularly on the tours of the Historic Jamestown Settlement, Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's estate), and the U.S. Supreme Court.

    I collectively wrote these establishments, conveying major Christian oversights on each of the tours and giving documentation as to potential corrective materials the guides could use. To date, nearly four months later, I've received no official response from any of them, even though I and others have written, called, and faxed them all repeatedly...

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  • My Trip to Iraq with Chuck Norris

    June 2011
    After two years of work together, Todd just completed writing the official autobiography of Chuck Norris' 90-year-old mother, Wilma Norris Knight, as told from her perspective (with over 100 photos throughout). It is simply titled, "Acts of Kindness: My Story."

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    The foreword was written by her sons, Chuck and Aaron Norris. This is the only biography that Wilma endorses, so don't accept counterfeits. Todd describes Wilma's life and inspirational book as "True Grit meets Grapes of Wrath and Pilgrim's Progress!" More information about its content and publication will be posted soon at For now, it is available only at

    Wilma Norris and Todd & Tracy DuBord
    Wilma Norris Knight and Todd & Tracy DuBord

    July 2010
    While Todd was on "The Next Great Awakening Tour" of various historic sites from Boston to D.C., he and the tour group experienced again the distortions and omissions of America's religious history--this time at the very center of our republic 250 years ago--Independence Hall, where our founders debated and adopted the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. You won't believe how the National Park Service's expert guide on America's founders responded to Todd's question about the founders' religious affiliation! To find out more, check out Todd's story and research rebuttal on this website: "Independence Hall: Independent from God?"

    January 2010
    Fidelis Publishing produces an expanded paperback version of Chuck's New York Times bestseller, "Black Belt Patriotism," as well as produces Chuck in a new PSA ("Patriot Service Announcement") in which he discusses the status of America. You can watch it by clicking HERE.

    Black Belt Patriotism

    May-Sept. 2009
    Chuck Norris (with Chaplain Todd) wrote "The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book: 101 of Chuck's Favorite Facts and Stories" (Tyndale Publishing--released on 11/1/09).

    The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book

    Unless you've been on a deserted island, you know about some of the thousands of mythical sayings about Chuck Norris presented as "facts" about his life, like "Chuck Norris doesn't wear Superman pajamas; Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas." Over the last several years, Chuck has been asked repeatedly from the heartland of America to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, "Which 'facts' are your favorites?" For the first time ever, in "The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book," Chuck gives readers not only his 101 favorite facts, roundhouse-kicked by the man himself, but also the stories behind the facts and the code (or core values) by which Chuck lives his life (5-F's: freedom, faith, family, fitness and fight). From stories about his martial arts and movie and television careers, to intimate stories about his faith and family, fans from every corner of the globe will enjoy, laugh and be inspired by one of the world's great action heroes. Hilarious Chuck Norris caricature drawings accompany each of the 101 entries. See and read the actual first 5 entries by pressing HERE. This book makes a perfect (Christmas) gift for young and old, military personnel, anyone who needs a laugh or encouragement, etc. It should be the ultimate reading in every bathroom around the world! And right now it can be ordered via Amazon for under $10!

    Jan. 2009
    Chuck Norris gives national attention to Todd's revisionist stories by including a few of them in his #14 New York Times best seller, "Black Belt Patriotism" (Regnery Publishing). Read a description of the book and get a FREE chapter by clicking HERE.

    Black Belt Patriotism

    Sept-Oct.2008 Chaplain Todd works in conjunction with Chuck Norris, various politicians and other historical activists in assuring brand new $621 million, 580,000-square-feet Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, D.C. contains proper Christian heritage representation for prospective 15,000 daily visitors.

    April 2008
    On April 1, 2008, Todd officially joins the Norris organization TopKick Productions.

    Dec. 2007
    Todd is offered position as chaplain of Chuck Norris enterprises and takes revisionist endeavors and watchdog approaches to a new national level.

    Oct./Nov. 2007
    Todd restores LAUS DEO ("Praise be to God") capstone replica display in Washington Monument. He also writes Monticello and U.S. Supreme Court about their June 2007 encounters that perpetuate religious reductionism and revisionism among their tours. The U.S. Supreme Court refuses to respond.

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